Loosing hair is never accepted easily by either gender.Getting bald is directly related to ageing.

For centuries hair loss problem is being tackled by lots of hair oils various medicines ethical and unethical.

After years of research we now have a permanent solution.

HAIR TRANSPLANT is a permanent solution for hair loss. we at neograft hair transplant clinic Chandigarh are offering very natural and friendly hair transplant. We use world acclaimed and successful technology for hair transplant. Neograft hair transplant is completely painless scar less and stitch-less process. Time involved by doing hair transplant with this technology may take minimum 3 hrs to as long as 14 to 16 hrs depending upon the number of grafts to be transplanted.

we can do maximum of 3800 grafts in a single day and maximum 7000 grafts in 2 days.

Frequently asked questions regarding hair transplant

Q1. What are the side effects of hair transplant ?
A. After getting neograft hair transplant there are no side effects.After hair transplant no rest is required and a person can join his duty back the next day.
Q2.Is hair transplant a permanent procedure ?
A. Yes hair transplant is a permanent procedure.Minimum age of Transplanted hair remains around 20 yrs (after a careful evaluation of donor area and considering family
history for baldness in family.
Q3.Is hair transplant a painful procedure?
A. No hair transplant is not a painful proicedure,we do whole procedure under local anesthesia.the area which is to be operated is anesthetized and only than hair transplant is done.
Q4.How lenghty is the hair transplant procedure?
A. It depends upon the number of grafts required during transplant .for example a case requiring around 3000 to 3500 grafts can be done in a single day almost(12 hrs).
Q5.what are the charges for hair transplant?
A. Neograft hair transplant charges around rs 40 to 50 per graft. each graft has on an average 3 hair .
Q6.What is the special care required after hair transplant ?
A. There is no special care as such except that one has to remain vigilant for almost 1 week after transplant. Technique to wash head after transplant is explained and one has to follow the easy instructions at home.
Q7. How frequently one has to visit after hair transplant?
A. this we decide at the time of consultation.depending upon number of grafts transplanted and how much volume of remaining natural hair we decide the frequency of visits.

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How is hair transplant done.

step 1 conselling and consultation.
on first visit we check the bald area and depending upon the density required we calculate the number of grafts ? we give a live demonstration regarding what will be the results after transplant.
Step 2 Finalization of transplant date and blood tests.
Depending upon the availability of vacant position we mutually agree upon a date for transplant.Few mandatory blood tests are done to check for hemoglobin levels,coagulation profile,viral markers.More tsets may be required in some special circumstances like if some one is suffering from diabetes,thyroid,etc, than we go accordingly.
Step 3 Hair Transplant
one or two tablets are prescribed ,which are to be take a night prior and on the day of transplant.Breakfast is done as usual.If any medicine is being taken regularly it should be continued ,but should be under the knowledge of our clinic.Any t shirt or under garment which has to come over the head after transplant sholud be avoided, we advice to wear a buttoned shirt.
steps in hair transplant : After making a comfortable position local anesthesia is delivered on the target donor area. After confirming the complete effect of local anesthesia we go ahead with extraction of grafts.Required number of grafts are extracted and are stored in special culture media at low temperature.
once extraction is over we have a short lunch break.
plantation is immediately started after break .Bald area is again marked for final approval by client local anesthesia is delivered in front area.After confirming the effect of anesthesia plantation is started. Extracted follicles are gently brought back to room temperature and are planted one by one .This step is generally done by highly trained paramedical staff and 3 people do plantation simultaneously.
bandage is done on the donor area and whole head is covered with a cap.

After care: Shampoo is done the next day after transplant and rest of serums and local medicines are prescribed. we offer 24*7 service after transplant.Any issue after transplant is addressed immediately.